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  • FANCL Deep Clear Washing Powder


Deep Clear Washing Powder

HKD$128 HKD$170



Size : 1 dose x 30 pcs

Benefit :

FANCL Deep Clear Washing Powder is a facial wash powder that clears out all of the pores but leaves the skin hydrated. The featured Protease enzymes, coal, and absorbing mud ingredients actively gets rid of the dirt, darkness, and dead skin cells out of the pores. Sugar, hyaluronic acid, and the brand’s original amino acid cleansing component prevent moisture loss while clarifying and brightening the skintone. A rich and fine cushion foam formulation that lathers quick and easy that does not stress the skin or require harsh rubbing. With a balanced blend of ingredients, this cleansing powder can penetrate and dissolve any stubborn makeup, leaving no leftovers. The skin becomes smooth, soft and radiant after use.

How to Use :

Put 1 capsule of powder onto the palm, add water to lather until a rich foam is formed. Apply the foam onto the face and massage. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.

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