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  • Liver Essence + Ornithine 60 Capsules For 20 Days


Liver Essence + Ornithine 60 Capsules For 20 Days

HKD$69 HKD$150

60 Capsules


In this era of socializing, some things are inevitable, and it is important to protect your body, especially the liver! Protect the health of the drinker.
The pig liver extract is a low molecular weight amino acid after treatment with pig liver enzyme. It is helpful for digestion and is a recommended ingredient for hobbyists. Zinc is an important component in the decomposition of alcohol. Mussels contain a large amount of ornithine hydrochloride which helps restore strength. "Liver extract + ornithine" contains these three ingredients, which helps people who drink too much to recover the body the next day. Fresh state.
It is not only essential for drinking, but also an important health food to protect the health of the liver.


Take 3 capsules a day, take it after meals, and take it with boiling water.


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