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18 Brand

Eye Magazine

HKD$48 HKD$90



One step, two-color quick & easy eyeshadow
Offers a quick and easy eyeshadow application that can be done in three-seconds for modern women,
who are too busy to spend time on their makeup.

18 Eye Magazine comes with a unique beauty tool that is the secret to this cool eyeshadow. Its petite
blender brush fits perfectly in your hands and lets you achieve various gradient looks, including natural,
deep and smokey eye makeup depending on where you use the brush.

A round-shaped brush lets the eyeshadow powder perfectly adhere in a fan-shaped area of the eyes.

The eyeshadow is highly pigmented and vividly shows its original color, while sebum control absorbs oil
and sweat around the eye area to enhance its lasting effect with spherical powder.


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