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  • Segreto Foot Sheet 30 pcs (Lavender-purple)


Segreto Foot Sheet 30 pcs (Lavender-purple)

HKD$79 HKD$158



Product Features:

•Pomelo (orange): Promotes blood circulation and helps to lose weight

•Lavender (purple): Helps soothe the nerves and improves sleep quality

•Chinese Mugwort (green): Eliminates unnecessary moisture and waste

•Chilli (red): Suitable for those people long-term stay in air-conditioned room

•Titanium Ion (pink): Relaxes muscles and relieves tension



The pads are easy to apply & adhere to the bottom of the foot with ease. If you are sensitive to scents this isn't over whelming at all. When you peel the pads off they do leave some residue on your foot from the detox packet as well as some sticker residue. The packet as well as your foot will damp and the color of the powder will change to a dark color. It is a little gross looking but you can feel like it do the job.

• Overall it helps you to get a better rest feeling and become more energetic than usual compared to the couple weeks before if you continue to use it. How to use: Apply one to each foot before going to bed. When you wake up the next morning they will not budged or peeled. Do suggest removing them in the bathroom.

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