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Good Choice - Women 20+ Supplements

HKD$155 HKD$300

30 Packs


FANCL no added 20-year-old female ladies eight-in-one comprehensive nutrients vitamin 30 days 30 sachets, suitable for female friends between 20 and 30 years old rich in vitamins and mines 26 kinds of basic nutrients such as substances and coenzyme Q10, which newly meet the DHA and lactic acid bacteria necessary for modern urban people. It can effectively supplement the vitamins and minerals that are necessary every day in the body. Enhance human immunity, resist environmental pollution, anti-oxidation, anti-aging. In the basic eight-in-one, the total amount of minerals and vitamins contained in the 3 small packets on the 1st is the most basic content necessary for ordinary adults on the 1st. Do not eat on an empty stomach, as this will greatly reduce the amount of absorption.
Even after eating after meals, it is not 100% absorbed by the body, and the ingredients that cannot be absorbed will be discharged through the body excretion system. All ingredients are not chemically synthesized, but are extracted from natural ingredients, so please feel free to eat. If you find yourself or your family with the following conditions or symptoms, please be aware of the early manifestations of vitamin deficiency.
Insufficient vitamin A: rough skin, itching, deep white lines on the nails, dry hair, memory loss, irritability and insomnia, dry eye conjunctiva, urinary calculi. Eat more beef liver, eggs, red and yellow vegetables, fruits and cod liver oil.
Insufficient vitamin B1: Allergic to sound, allergic reaction to sound, intermittent soreness in the calf, beriberi, neurodermatitis, etc. Eat more beans, cereals, hard fruits, fruits, milk and green leafy vegetables. Insufficient vitamin B2: Inflammation of the mouth, various skin diseases such as dermatitis, scrotal inflammation, etc., burning sensation in the hands and limbs, excessive sensitivity to light, etc. Should eat more liver, milk, eggs, beans, green vegetables.
Insufficient vitamin B3: Thick tongue coating, puffy lips, tongue pain, lip pain, scalp, dry mouth and mucous membrane. Should eat more yeast.
Vitamin B12: The action is easy to lose balance, the body will have intermittent positional pain, fingers and tingling, should eat more animal liver and yeast.
Insufficient vitamin C: There are no objective reasons such as overwork, rapid environmental changes or other organic diseases, but they often feel tired, often susceptible to colds, coughs, decreased resistance, frequent bleeding of the gums, difficult wounds, and deep marks on the tongue. Should eat more orange, orange, grapefruit, red dates, jujube and so on.

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