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  • Grace One Wrinkle Care moist gel cream


Grace One Wrinkle Care moist gel cream

HKD$175 HKD$369



Really anti-wrinkle, breakthrough dermal-acting ingredient Niacinamide, highly permeable, dermal fibroblast product anti-wrinkle collagen, help the skin rebound, and reproduce smooth mirror muscle!

Anti-wrinkle Niacinamide: easily penetrates the stratum corneum, exerts anti-oxidation and rebuilding effects in the dermis
High concentration of collagen: Yuanyuan provides structural nutrients and restores tight tissues
Penetration promotion formula: Strengthen the penetration of effective ingredients, enter layer by layer, and absorb quickly with one application, without oil or frost, and moisturizing throughout the day.

After washing the face, apply a dose of about one yuan, and gently massage the whole face until it penetrates and absorbs. You can also focus on the areas where you want to focus on improving wrinkles.

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