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  • Grace One Wrinkle Care moist lift essence


Grace One Wrinkle Care moist lift essence

HKD$198 HKD$369



Quickly inject the rejuvenating essence, lock nutrients from the bottom of the muscle, exert anti-oxidant and firming effects.

Product Features:
• The anti-wrinkle Niacinamide has a high permeability, easily penetrates the stratum corneum, and exerts a high degree of anti-oxidation and reconstruction effect in the dermis.
•Higher content of collagen, combined with double penetration efficiency, repairs the gap between the bottom of the muscle, strengthens the support of the skin, and restores elasticity.
•Deep injection and penetration to fill the deep loss and hold away the texture. Rich moisturizing feeling, efficient absorption, moist but not greasy.

• Niacinamide: penetrates into the dermis to promote collagen regeneration
• 2 times collagen: replenish the nutrients of the muscle base
• Royal jelly: anti-aging

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