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  • Green Tea Cleansing Water


Green Tea Cleansing Water

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1.Fresh green tea water squeezed out from organically grown fresh green tea leaves is rich in amino acids and minerals that moisturize and brighten skin that's become dehydrated by cleansing.

2.This moist easily washable cleansing water works to thoroughly remove not only sunscreen and BB cream, but also light point makeup.


Place 2 sheets of cotton pads on top of pump and gently press downward. Use wet cotton pads to softly swipe across your face. Whenever you feel that your skin is dry finish by washing only with water after product use.


1. Immediate rinse with water if it gets into your eyes. 
2. If the following symptoms appear after using the product, stop using it. If you continue to use the product, your symptoms could worsen. In that case, consult a dermatologist. 
1) Any red blotches, swelling, itchiness or irritation while using the product; 
2) if the above symptoms appear when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight after using the product. 
3. Do not apply to skin with any scarring or area of irritation, such as dermatitis or eczema. 
4. Cautions about handling and storing the product: 
1) keep the product closed after using it; 
2) keep the product out of reach of children and babies; 
3) do not keep the product in a place with either a high temperature or low temperature and/or exposed to direct sunlight.

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