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  • Hadabisei Moisturizing Facial 3D Mask


Hadabisei Moisturizing Facial 3D Mask

HKD$39 HKD$99



Kracie HADABISEI Moisturizing Facial 3D Mask contains royal jelly, isoflavone, astaxanthin and glycosyl trehalose. These potent anti-wrinkle ingredients are led in deep under the skin for skin regeneration. With a 3D cutting, the mask wraps the entire face softly with moisturizing ingredients. It adheres closely to the nosewings, the eye contour area as well as the chin. Nano-serum, made up of small molecules, easily sinks into the skin and moisturizes without sticky feeling.

It contains no perfumes or artificial colorings.


  1. Use after cleansing and toning. Take out a piece of mask and unfold it. Position so that the eye openings are correctly aligned with the eyes and gently smooth over the nose, the lip area, the chin and the entire face.
  2. Remove air from the area between the nosewing and the cheek by pressing for a snug application.
  3. Leave on for about 5 ‚Äď 15 minutes before removing the mask.
  4. Gently massage remaining serum into skin.
  5. Use once or twice a week.



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