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  • Hair Colorants #Dark Brown

50 Megumi

Hair Colorants #Dark Brown

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  • Natural seaweed extract to dye hair while nourishing hair
  • 5 kinds of natural seaweed extracts, dye hair and nourish hair at the same time, achieve the effect of oiling, the hair after dyeing is not dry, softer and more shiny!
  • Gentle formula does not hurt the scalp and hair core
  • Does not contain Armonia, Paraben, mineral oil, silicon, SLS chemical foaming agent, alcohol and oxidation dyes such as phenylenediamine (PPD), aminophenol, m-aminophenol, toluene diamine and other allergenic ingredients, mild and non-irritating, Does not hurt the scalp, has a mild odor, suitable for weekly use
  • The new natural seaweed hair dye is suitable for weekly use
  • One push can be used multiple times without mixing
  • Simple and convenient, it can be dyed with one push, no need to mix, it can be used in full or touch-up dyeing
  • Slow down white growth
  • Add anhydrous caffeine and tuckahoe to activate melanocytes in hair and slow down whitening

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