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  • FANCL Health Science Vitamin C 30 Days (90 Tablets)


FANCL Health Science Vitamin C 30 Days (90 Tablets)

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Ever wished for good health and skin in a capsule? Vitamin C has countless benefits ‚Äď it can boost your immune system, maintain a healthy oral cavity and strong gums, help with iron absorption and foster collagen synthesis. It helps you look and feel the best every day inside and out!
Each capsule contains the amount of vitamin C equivalent to that provided by about 18 lemons, vitamin C is beneficial to the health of your body and your skin. The formula has specially added Vitamin P (Hesperidin), which can boost the body's absorption of vitamin C.
Size :90 capsules
Ingredient :Active Ingredients (per daily intake): Vitamin C (1,050 mg), Vitamin P (Hesperidin) (17.1 mg), Vitamin B2 (1.5 mg)
How to Use : 3 capsules per day, take after meals

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