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  • HTC Deep Charge Collagen 10 Bottles


HTC Deep Charge Collagen 10 Bottles

HKD$180 HKD$360



The molecules are extremely fine, which is more quickly absorbed by the skin than ordinary collagen, effectively replenishing the skin's daily loss of collagen, promoting the skin's renewal, making the skin's nutrient delivery better, and enhancing the skin's repair function

Collagen is an important element to maintain skin elasticity and firmness. Continuous replenishment can improve sagging, enlarged pores, wrinkles and other problems, and keep skin young

Contains 3,000mg of HTC collagen, which is easily absorbed.

In addition, FANCL's uniquely selected beauty ingredient, Isoquer Citrine, is combined with rose bud extract and vitamin C in a "new deep charge design" to enhance the power of production.

The drink type also adds luxurious beauty ingredients such as glucosylceramide and hyaluronic acid for a moisturized daily life. For those who want to feel beautiful with haste.

Fruity peach flavor.


As a dietary supplement, take 1 bottle daily after meal. Avoid excessive intake

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