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  • Les Sorbets De Nina EDT


Les Sorbets De Nina EDT

HKD$298 HKD$670



ES SORBETS DE NINA Eau de Toilette

A gourmet floral scent with sweet caramel and the exquisite freshness of a sparkling lemon, tangerine and raspberry. Ready to chill reinvented BELLES DE NINA in the style of frozen desserts ... And if you simply enjoy the flavors of NINAS chocolates and citrus sorbets in the irresistible apple shaped scent bottle?

Enjoy the pralinized delicacy of NINAS SORBETS. A water that combines the sweet caramelized notes with the spontaneity of a sparkling chord that blends lemon, tangerine and raspberry. Filigree with the delicate sensuality of the gardenias and jasmine flowers. A real treat, very refreshing.

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