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  • MakeUp Cleansing Gel


MakeUp Cleansing Gel

HKD$69 HKD$150



A bottle of magical makeup remover that will be skin care, moist texture of the gel, gently rubbed on the face, the water is like to open the cool of the cool dew. The cleansing gel penetrates deep into the pores and quickly melts makeup such as foundation, mascara, and waterproof UV cream that are often difficult to remove.

Product features:

-Natural formula: contains a variety of plant skin care essences, remover while maintaining the skin, to supplement the skin with a lot of nutrition.

-Nourish and firm: fight against aging, prevent the formation of melanin, regulate skin water and oil balance, smooth and not tight, make skin smooth and moist, elastic.

-Fresh aroma: The taste of grapefruit makes you feel physically and mentally and relieve tension. Mild in nature: does not contain any artificial pigments or fragrances, does not hurt the skin, and the skin is refreshed without makeup after makeup removal.

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