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  • Melty Enz 60 capsules

Melty Enz

Melty Enz 60 capsules

HKD$138 HKD$295

60 Capsules


Enzymes, also known as enzymes, play an important role in the digestive system, which can break down solid food molecules into small molecular structures, thereby promoting digestion and metabolism. In addition, another ingredient in the lysozyme capsule, white kidney beans, helps to block excessive absorption. Can make you feel at ease

6 Effect components and characteristics:
Comprehensive enzymes: break down large food molecules, turn them into small molecular structures, promote digestion and metabolism, and shorten the time to digest food, reduce accumulation
Green Tea Extract: The catechins in green tea help reduce body fat, reduce waist circumference and improve health
Saw Palmetto: has a dehydrating effect to help remove toxins and waste from the body
Chitin Oligosaccharide: Research has treated chitin as a fiber, which helps to reduce weight
White kidney beans: can block excessive absorption, avoiding excessive absorption of nutrients and being converted into fat
Grape seed extract: high-efficiency anti-oxidation, help to reduce body fat, and promote health in the long run

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