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  • Metabio Raw Yeast Biogenic Enzyme


Metabio Raw Yeast Biogenic Enzyme

HKD$148 HKD$380



Enzyme: Live yeast, completely decomposes sugar (carbohydrate), protein, fat and calories in the diet
Yeast: Live enzymes: help digestion, speed up metabolism, break down sugar, oil, and have good results.

The white capsule will immediately break down the charcoal, protein and fat in the diet within 5-10 seconds.

Brown live yeast capsules break down sugar and fat in less than 2 minutes. positive!

Yeast is a creature!
The "sugar" contained in food is the food of yeast, which can break down sugar. In addition, yeast is a treasure trove of nutrition! Live yeast contains protein, vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin D, amino acids, minerals, beta-glucan and trehalose. In particular, the
ő≤-glucan component, yeast and mushroom are abundant, and in recent years, they have attracted attention in terms of health effects.

Enzymes help promote digestion and metabolism!
Enzymes from five grains (decomposing proteases, lactose degrading enzymes, breaking down carbohydrates, breaking down lipases, breaking down cellulases) and polyglutenin fermentation cultures help digestion and absorption. In addition, this enzyme is activated by a coenzyme such as a vitamin and thus can be used as a metabolic enzyme.


Take one packs each time before meals, eat 1-2 packs a day, and eat before meals.



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