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  • Mild Cleansing Gel


Mild Cleansing Gel

HKD$138 HKD$230



Drop of melting gel makeup.
Of moisturizing plenty gel is melting so familiar to the make-up, clean off until the dirt of pores.
You can gently massage in a thick gel, and leads to smooth and bright skin. Recommended for light makeup.

Fresh cushioned feeling gel wraps also eye makeup and lipstick, off the makeup. In moisturizing plenty, you grant both of kindness to make fall and skin.

"Dullness care component" is, to clean off the dirt and darkening around the pores to become original dullness, washes in bright skin.

Old horny layer and dirt of pores that cause dullness also drop, fresh gel-like cleansing.
You can massage without imposing a burden on the skin in the cushion gel Purupuru, to smooth and bright skin.
Recommended for natural makeup.

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