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  • FLOWFUSHI Mote Mascara Impact #03 Navy

Flow Fushi

Mote Mascara Impact #03 Navy

HKD$128 HKD$230



This Mote Mascara (Impact 3 / Stylish / Navy) is adding a sophisticated color on your eyelash and it is said that the color also helps your white eye look brighter.



The new Mote Mascaras have 120% more of End Mineral compared to previous mascaras.

End Mineral is Flowfushi's unique beauty component, which is safe and taken from natural mineral ore. It generates a lot of minus ion and has many beauty effects like encouraging blood flow.

Each Mote Mascara has different and unique brushes, which are 100% custom made for Mote Mascara selections by mascara brush specialists.

They also have a new technology called "WP Film", which has an ability to make curls and also make the mascaras waterproof while being easily washable with warm water.

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