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  • Natural Aqua Gel


Natural Aqua Gel

HKD$140 HKD$280



Aging horny skin that accumulates on the surface of the skin will block the absorption of skin care products, making the skin rough, dull, pigmentation, makeup and difficult to wear, even blocking the pores to form acne, blackheads and acne. Cure natural exfoliating gel can take away 0.1mm aging keratin for you. It doesn't contain a variety of irritants. Sensitive skin can also be used. It only takes twice a week to regain skin whitening muscles.



- twice a week, after cleansing and before toner.

- Remove excess water with a dry cloth after washing.

- Take appropriate amount on the palm and apply it in a suitable position. The transparent Cure will turn into a white milky shape, and then gently massage with your fingertips.

- Massage until soft white particles are produced. Take away your old land and rinse off with clean water. Do not forget to strengthen moisturizing after use.

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