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  • SHINYAKOSO Night Diet Gold King 180 Tablets


Night Diet Gold King 180 Tablets

HKD$168 HKD$340



Helps burn fat quickly and break down excess sugar during sleep at night. The enzyme content of the limited gold package has been increased by 150%, and 8 new slimming ingredients have been added to greatly enhance the rapid fat burning.


Suitable for the following people:


Easy to get fat physique, need to lose weight fast, hope to lose weight 100% healthy

I love snacks and sweets, I am used to snacks, but I want to go on a diet but it’s hard to control

Hyperacidity, poor gastrointestinal or easy constipation

Irregular work and rest, do not like exercise, unable to keep exercising


Packaging and usage:

30 packs

It is recommended to take one pack (six capsules per pack) before going to bed every night, and one pack can be taken 30 minutes before or after meals. One to three sachets (six to sixteen capsules) a day is advisable, swallowed with water, the menstrual period is not disturb

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