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  • Pore Essence


Pore Essence

HKD$100 HKD$145



Can produce large pores and excess oil problems on different parts of the face.
Reduce oil secretion and shine from the source to prevent oil oxidation and blackheads.
Remove excess oil from the surface to keep skin fresh and smooth.
It has a refreshing and moist texture, and it can be finely coated with a thin layer to make the skin comfortable and smooth all day long.
Continuous use can regulate oily skin.
A variety of beauty ingredients such as aloe collagen are added.
Easily create smooth, white skin.
No petroleum surfactant, no preservatives, no fragrance, no synthetic pigments.


Take an appropriate amount (about 1 small bean size) of the essence and apply evenly to the areas with large pores and strong oil secretion.

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