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  • Premium Hydra Gold Foil Facial Mask


Premium Hydra Gold Foil Facial Mask

HKD$78 HKD$149



  • A bottle full of water, elasticity ampoule Long lasting moisturizing A full bottle of water and elasticity ampoule containing moisturizing and patented ingredients Provides a moisturizing and elastic skin for a long time.
  • Prevent evaporation of the ampoule. Concentration management effect A bottle of ampoule with three layered sheets to ease the external evaporation of the ampoule Helps to absorb into the skin.
  • Steam effect from skin heat Quick absorption of moisturizing nutrients A triple layered sheet that prevents heat evaporation from the skin. Steam effect opens the pores to help absorb moisture and nutrients quickly.


‚φ After cleansing, use your toner to clean your skin.¬†
‚Ď° Remove the layers of mask and spread it, then align it from the eye area and make a close contact with your face evenly.¬†
‚ĎĘ Attach the mask on your skin for 10 ~ 20 minutes until all contents are absorbed.
‚Ď£ Remove the mask and tap the remaining contents onto your skin.

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