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  • AHC Premium Hydra Soother Amino Acid Mask 5pcs


Premium Hydra Soother Amino Acid Mask

HKD$42 HKD$120



Intensive mask treatment for dry and dull skin! Formulated with amino acids and vitamin B5, skin is replenished with rich nutrients and becoming revitalized and supple.

• Revitalizing: this mask effectively replenishes skin with moisture and smoothens rough skin for refining pores, restoring soft skin texture and making skin radiant.

• Soothing skin: Formulated with sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B5, it keeps skin moisturized and comforted against dryness and irritation.

• Skin-friendly: the soft and natural fiber mask that carries plenty of essence is fit to the face contour. It provides gentle skincare that even sensitive skin can be used

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