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  • Senka Perfect Whip Face Wash Cleansing Foam


Senka Perfect Whip Face Wash Cleansing Foam

HKD$25 HKD$55



This cleansing product for all skin types is soap-free and gentle and never irritating. The fine cream thoroughly cleans away the remaining dirt, leaving the skin silky, avoiding pore blockage, and preventing acne.

1. Increase skin transparency, quickly replenish moisture and firm skin, make skin firm and elastic.

2. The tiny foam can penetrate into the pores and has a unique adsorption component to deeply remove pores and dirt.

3. At the same time stimulate skin cell vitality, enhance skin elasticity and softness.

4. While cleaning the skin, it can protect the skin's moisture lock layer from harm and keep the skin moist and delicate.

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