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  • Skin Renewal Pack


Skin Renewal Pack

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Fancl - Skin Renewal Pack 40g
I want to remove the old keratin that makes the skin dull and rough without damaging the young skin. "Softening first, then removing" is the best method! Old keratin accumulation will hinder the absorption of nutrients and make the skin look rough and rough. The new "King Royal Softening Film" can effectively soften and remove old keratin, while strengthening the skin's moisturizing ability, opening the skin hydrating channels, taking away the old dead skin cells and dull sallows of the skin, leaving a soft and bright white radiance!
The new ingredient "Hydrolyzed Rice Extract" promotes keratin metabolism and protects the cells of the new stratum corneum to reshape the healthy metabolic cycle of the skin. Together with the new ingredient "Amino Vitamin C", it maintains the moisture content of the stratum corneum and enhances skin's moisturizing power! The ace ingredient "Fresh Royal Jelly Essence" promotes the formation of "aquaporin" and increases the hydration pathway to the cells, allowing water to penetrate deep into the horny. Together with the osmotic pressure effect of "moisture-enhancing mineral salt", it can quickly raise the moisture of the muscle base to the epidermis layer, leaving the skin soft and moist.
Containing "West Pear Juice Fermentation Essence", it softens the cuticle and removes melanin and old keratin. With fresh "water-repellent fresh collagen", the surface of the skin becomes soft and reproduces a healthy and lustrous complexion.

How to use
After cleansing, wipe off the face and take a soft film of about 5 yuan in size. Apply evenly to the skin around the eyes and lips. After 5 minutes, wash thoroughly with warm water and follow the daily steps

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