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  • SVELTY SMART Bacteria 120 Tablets


SVELTY SMART Bacteria 120 Tablets

HKD$175 HKD$305



SMART bacteria + catechins: potently break down fat and reduce fat accumulation by up to 20%!
B3 bacteria: Maintain a good small intestine environment, swallow the fat in the intestine!
EC12 bacteria: specifically targeted at abdominal fat, significantly reduced waist and reduced weight!
160 kinds of fruits and vegetables enzymes: maintain intestinal conditions, prolong SMART bacteria effectiveness, and effectively defecate.
Among the 28 types of fungi, the most important is SMART bacteria, which converts an estimated 70% of the neutral bacteria "Nichiwa see bacteria" into "good jade bacteria" that help to eliminate fat, and cooperates with 20% of its own "good jade bacteria". The bacteria break down and excrete fat together, improve the body's metabolism, kick the belly, and restore a flat belly.

‚ú¶How to use
Take 4-6 capsules a day with warm water.

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