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  • The Collagen Beauty Drink 10 Bottles (New Version)


The Collagen Beauty Drink 10 Bottles (New Version)

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The new version of SHISEIDO Collagen Oral Liquid focuses on the mysterious power of goji berries. Toyo beauty ingredients (oil coconut, lychee seeds, coix seed, chrysanthemum) that are very compatible with goji berries are added to bring out the beautiful and beautiful skin.
Shiseido Bone Collagen Drink contains a variety of beauty ingredients. Bone collagen helps the formation of collagen fibers in skin tissue, helps prevent skin aging, reduces wrinkles, improves skin firmness, and balances oil secretion.
Drinking daily can supplement the nutrients the body needs, thus avoiding skin moisture loss and premature aging.

Recommended person:
Give regular exposure to ultraviolet rays
Focus on skin beauty
Want to take vitamin C

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