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  • The Hand Cream


The Hand Cream

HKD$195 HKD$320



Enriched with beauty ingredients with anti-aging care for hands in mind, the cream also utilizes "Heavenly Rich Oil Formulation" that leaves the hands feeling plump and soft. Leaves the hands looking moisturized, firm and youthful with clarity.

- Bitter orange & jasmine scent
- Allergy tested (Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy
- Patch tested for sensitive skin (Formulated to minimize the risk of skin irritation)

AMOUNT TO USE: A large pearl size and spread over entire hands.


After washing your hands, take an appropriate amount (a large pearl size) and apply on all areas of the back and palms of the hands.
Before going to bed, apply slightly more (2 large pearl size) and take time to massage the hands and allow the product to blend well. 

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