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  • Top Stain remover Rescue (Shimitori)


Top Stain remover Rescue (Shimitori)

HKD$28 HKD$60



The Shimitori Top Stain Remover Rescue by Lion can cope with both the aqueous & oil based stains. You can also use it on clothing that can not be washed with water. It's handy size allows for convenient use on-the-go! To be used on clothing: such as cotton, silk, wool, polyester Remove stains from: soup stains, soy sauce, ketchup, sauce, juice, coffee, blood, meat sauce, curry, dressing, lipstick and foundation. Not suitable with stains from: hair dye, nail polish, ink, ink pad, and correction fluid.


  • Apply as soon as possible once clothing is stained.
  • Place absorbent sheet under stained clothing. Squeeze product onto the stain in a tapping motion.
  • Wipe off stain remover with a towel. *Depending on how long the stain has sit on clothing, some stains may be difficult to remove.

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