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  • TRIPHASIC Progressive Serum 8amp x 5.5ml

Rene Furterer

TRIPHASIC Progressive Serum 8amp x 5.5ml

HKD$399 HKD$680



TRIPHASIC VHT ATP Intensif Anti-hair loss serum takes essential action at the follicle level, which is the origin of new hair. A new formula with 3 active steps, for 3 targeted actions: a tissue action with ATP (2014 Innovation) is the source of essential energy for hair follicles that are the source of new hair; vascular action with Pfaffia promotes the vascularization and microcirculation of the scalp; hormone action from Hydrolyzed Curbicia ensures efficacy in regulating sebum secretion. The scalp is more covered and less visible. Strong hair growth is stimulated and existing hair growth is protected.

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