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  • Nano White Effect Brightening Gel Masque

Derma Medream

Nano White Effect Brightening Gel Masque

HKD$202 HKD$350





  • Helps renewal of skin keratinocytes, accelerates metabolism of the stratum corneum, tenderizes skin
  • Deep whitening, improved dull, bright skin, even skin tone
  •  Repel pigments, dilute dark spots, freckles, inhibit pigmentation
  • Intensify skin defense, prevent skin oxidation, make skin young and firm
  • Prevent the appearance of fine lines, tenderize the skin, and make the skin shine and firm
  •  Lasting water retention, leaving skin smooth, soft and elastic all day


Use it as a weekly treatment. Apply to cleansed skin in a medium thick layer, allow to dry, and rinse it.



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