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  • Vegetable Supplements


Vegetable Supplements

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According to the health report, adults should consume at least 3 dishes (about 300 grams, of which 100 grams are dark green or dark yellow vegetables). However, most people do not meet this standard, especially for children or young people who do not like vegetables. The problem of insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables is even more serious.
DHC Concentrated Vegetable Granules combines 20 kinds of vegetable concentrates to provide daily vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and other nutrients, so you can easily enjoy the vitality and keep healthy and beautiful. It is recommended for people who like to eat meat but do not like to eat vegetables, frequent food, partial eclipse and worry about insufficient intake of vegetables.

Contains more than 20 kinds of vegetables with strong antioxidant effect, which helps to strengthen the body's self-defense ability, strengthen body and body; supplement vegetable nutrients and prevent intestinal problems


How to use
It is recommended to take 4 capsules on the 1st. Please take this product according to the daily intake to avoid excessive intake. Please take it with water or warm water, free time


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