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  • Vitamin C Liposomes (60 Capsules)


Vitamin C Liposomes (60 Capsules)

HKD$380 HKD$400



Lovini Vitamin C Liposomes uses only pure and active ingredients. The liposome is packaged like a body cell, which passes through digestive barriers and enters the cells directly without breaking apart. Vitamin C Liposomes uses encapsulation technique and is produced in powder form. Its unprecedented high bioavailability results in a high absorption rate, and is 2X better than regular Vitamin C supplements.

Product Features:
- Support the body's immune function
- Increases iron absorption and hemoglobin production, reduces the risk of iron deficiency anemia
- Enhances collagen biosynthesis and improves skin elasticity
- Promotes wound healing
- Contains antioxidant function, prevents free radicals from damaging cells, and protects cell health

Ingredients: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Liposomal Proprietary Blend: Palmitic-Oleic Acid Phospholipids from Non-GMO Identity Protected Sunflower and RSPO certified sustainable Palm Oil, HPMC (Vegetarian Capsule).

Origin: The Netherlands

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