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  • Vitamin E 30 Days


Vitamin E 30 Days

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Each capsule contains 100 mg of natural vitamin E that is easily absorbed

With powerful anti-oxidant effect, it effectively inhibits the free radicals that cause skin and body function aging, keeps the skin function active, and makes skin soft and healthy.

Maintain the normal function of blood vessels and maintain smooth blood vessels and good health.

Product Description: Natural Vitamin E from Vegetable Oil

Dosage: 2 capsules per day after meals

The main ingredients / each: Vitamin E.......100mg

Note: For wheat, allergic persons avoid eating.

„ÄźVitamin E„ÄĎ

1. Anti-aging, effectively reduce the production of wrinkles, vitamin E is a very important vasodilator and anticoagulant; prevention and varicose veins; prevent blood coagulation, reduce the production of stripes.

2. Reduce the amount of oxygen in the cells, make people more durable, and help reduce leg cramps and stiff hands and feet.

3. Anti-oxidation protects the body's cells from free radicals, effectively preventing multiple chronic diseases.

4. Prevention of inflammatory skin diseases, alopecia, external hair growth.

5. Prevent hemolytic anemia, protect red blood cells from rupture, prevent thyroid diseases, improve blood circulation, protect tissues, lower cholesterol, and prevent hypertension.

6. It can inhibit the lipid peroxide reaction in the eye lens and prevent the occurrence and development of myopia.

7. Increase the vigor and quantity of sperm in men; enable women to improve their fertility and prevent miscarriage.

8. It can be used with blemish and nourishment.

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