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  • White Force 180 Tablets 30 Days New Version


White Force 180 Tablets 30 Days New Version

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Daily care supplement for clear and bright beauty.

Paying attention to the skin color melanin which is the key of whiteness and the beginning of the stains, and blended cosmetic ingredients such as artichoke extract and hydroxytyrosol.

Recommended for those who:
- want to keep taking them every day
- want to have bright and clear skin
- want the beauty from the inside

How to Take:
Take 6 tablets a day

Major Components / per 6 tablets:
Hydroxytyrosol: 20mg, L- cystine: 240mg, artichoke extract powder: 100mg, Niacin: 15mg, Vitamin C: 300mg

‚ÄĽ If you are pregnant or nursing, please do not eat.

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