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  • Whitening Emulsion II


Whitening Emulsion II

HKD$118 HKD$290



Create a white and transparent muscle that is as dazzling as a diamond
When the skin is exposed to light and accumulates a lot of "MIF" protein due to the pressure of the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation, it will produce "stimulated melanin-forming substances (SCF)", which will stimulate the growth of melanocytes and cause dark spots and freckles on the skin. Sinking.
The new FANCL "Whitening and Unscented" is rich in "Calendula Extract", which can be directly suppressed and slowly eliminated during the first time of melanin formation. It restores the whiteness of the skin when it is born, and the "continuous vitamin" in the ingredients. The C-inducing body and the "Olive Leaf Extract" accelerate the absorption of vitamin C components by the skin cells, resulting in an innocent and translucent whitening effect, which naturally exudes the skin's luster.

The whitening ingredients can quickly penetrate into the stratum corneum, inhibit the formation of melanin pigmentation, prevent the dark spots, freckles and improve dullness, making the skin more white and flawless.

‚ú¶How to use
After applying the lotion, apply an appropriate amount of lotion to the palm of your hand and apply it to your face in a rotating manner until absorbed.

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