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Posted on 11 March 2017

It's quite strange phenomenon that all the lightest color of foundation should be shipped and marketed in Asia.  You would think that the 010 and the Ivory colors would sell best in the Nordic countries.  But no, it's in Asia where all the UV products and light powders sell the best.

When we are discussing whitening products we must mention the best of all brands, SEKKISEI from KOSE, Japan.  For people who are unfamiliar with this brand, I would recommend that they try their bestselling MEDICATED SEKKISEI Lotion first.  You could try their 30ml test vials, but the problem being the testers are not readily available (you could contact us if you really would like to reserve a 30ml bottle), and I suppose for toners trial version would not be sufficient to test its efficiency.  The 200ml starts at HK$210 in our store so it's good price to try a good product.   


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