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  • Omnia Amethyste EDT Spray


Omnia Amethyste EDT Spray

HKD$48 HKD$95



This is a women's fragrance from Bvlgari fragrance line plays bigger trends in fragrance scene, was released in 2007.
This new version became a hot topic as an oriental scent of Bulgari's first masterpiece "Omnia" is a dish like a jeweler Amethyst (purple Crystal) with the concept, we finished item to directing the feminine in clean, neat and clean colors from images to ensure fresh floral fragrance, like Amethyst Greece myths, noble and beautiful.

From the top and stand dynamic citrus green smell pink grapefruit and green SAP pleasant and clean, it
To stir the adults attended one Bulgarian rose bud and IRIS, with sensitive core written floral middle.
Last in fragrant Heliotrope and solar wood include a vanillic and sweet Heliotrope and deep wood was re-designed in the subtle, high elegant to sensual and glamorous appeal me so.

Material selection, tone is fine, Honorable mention that managed to not come in tired during a simple depth of these I think. Otherwise, very nice easy to use (Omnia) exactly what all of you can use your favorite clothes to fit in. I think that best match and fit, simple and chic clothing, especially clear spring day-time.

Series of common bottle and package is design shines with elegant shades of light purple in Amethyst.

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